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Open AccessPO32 – Look at me – who do you see? What are the impacts of Facebook profiles on the emotional wellbeing of young people?

09 May 2016

Nursing Children and Young People


Theme: Ethical issues: dignity and humanity. Social media is a critical form of communication for young people. For those requiring nursing care, and physically...

Networking opportunities for learning disability nurses

01 June 2013

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

Developments in service provision and delivery have changed how and where learning disability nurses work. As a result, many of them become isolated from each other,...

The role of technology in learning disability nursing

29 April 2012

Learning Disability Practice


In recent years, the introduction of smartphones, and the ubiquity of social networking sites, such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, has given learning disability...

Developing a social media platform for nurses

18 November 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Social media tools provide opportunities for nurses to connect with colleagues and patients and to advance personally and professionally. This article describes the...

Constructing a model of professional practice

28 April 2014

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

An article in Learning Disability Practice last year argued the need for a model for learning disability care, and so a small-scale opinion survey and facilitated...

Social network of an internationally connected nurse leader

01 March 2016

Nursing Management

Art & Science

Over the past decade, there has been a proliferation of social media sites offering the opportunity for colleagues to connect with each other locally, nationally and...

Social media as a recruitment strategy: using Twitter to explore young people’s mental health

18 December 2017

Nurse Researcher

Evidence & practice

Background The development of a recruitment strategy requires nurse researchers to consider the avenues available to them to fully investigate a phenomenon. In many...

A novice researcher’s reflection on recruiting participants for qualitative research

19 September 2017

Nurse Researcher

Evidence & practice

Background This paper is a reflection by a PhD candidate on her qualitative study involving parents, diabetes educators and school teachers who were caring for a...

How to set up and use a Twitter account professionally

02 November 2016

Nursing Standard

Evidence & practice

Rationale and key points This article encourages nurses to use Twitter to engage in professional discussions, share information and raise awareness of alternative...

Disseminating research information through Facebook and Twitter (DRIFT): presenting an evidence-based framework

02 May 2018

Nurse Researcher

Social media

Background The social media platform Facebook boasts of having more than 1,284 million daily active users globally. A large proportion of adults use the internet to...