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Self-rostering, work-life balance and job satisfaction in UK nursing: a literature review

27 July 2022

Nursing Management

evidence and practice

Nursing vacancies are high across the UK, with some nurses considering leaving the profession. Evidence suggests that employers, including the NHS, need to be more...

Missed care in community and primary care

10 March 2021

Primary Health Care

workforce planning

Background Studies have shown that understaffing may result in missed care, compromising patient outcomes. However, most of these studies have been conducted in...

Implementation of a ward staff self-rostering system: improving morale and retention

20 April 2021

Nursing Management


Staff morale is an important factor in maintaining and improving nurse recruitment and retention. Evidence suggests more flexible working patterns can improve...

Development of approaches and legislation to optimise nurse staffing levels

24 July 2018

Nursing Standard

Safe staffing

Nurses and the environment in which they work have an important role in patient safety and quality of care. Evidence demonstrates a link between lower nurse staffing...