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Burnout: the impact of psychosocial interventions training

01 April 2007

Mental Health Practice


Psychosocial interventions (PSIs) are a form of service provision that includes a wide range of interventions. In mainstream mental health services typical...

I‘m sorry, what did you say your name was again?

01 July 2005

Mental Health Practice


Those who work in an acute psychiatric setting know that the number of learning opportunities are endless. Yet, while on placement, some nursing students would not...

What is person-centred care and can it be achieved in emergency departments?

12 May 2017

Emergency Nurse

Evidence & practice

Contemporary nursing in all disciplines focuses on the concept of person-centred care, and how this improves patients’ experiences. This article defines...

Self-efficacy and job satisfaction in nurses who care for mentally disordered offenders

10 December 2014

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

The relationship between self-efficacy and job satisfaction is multifaceted. Nurses might have concerns about managing their workload, which can trigger the stress...

What keeps nurses happy? Implications for workforce well-being strategies

22 March 2018

Nursing Management

Evidence & practice

Aim The aim of this article is to present selected findings from a doctoral study on the subjective well-being and subjective experience of mental health problems in...

What must be done

12 March 2008

Nursing Standard

Clinical digest

Has nursing lost its way? Reports highlighting poor standards of care have prompted a period of reflection. Our series has examined the issues and suggested the way...

Nurse to patient ratios in American health care

15 December 2004

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Background Nurses are employed in large numbers throughout health care. When their salary cost is considered as a percentage of total salary cost, they are arguably...

Community rescue

08 June 2010

Nursing Standard

General article

One primary care trust has tackled the shortfall in health visitors and completely overhauled children’s services.

Quality of work life and work-family conflict: a cross-sectional study among nurses in teaching hospitals

18 February 2020

Nursing Management


Background The nursing profession is known to induce high levels of stress, and being simultaneously engaged in a stressful professional occupation and having a...

Open AccessCOVID-19: experiences and contributions of learning disability nurses during the first wave of the pandemic

17 June 2021

Learning Disability Practice

service delivery

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted an unprecedented level of change in service delivery across the NHS and nurses needed to adapt their practice quickly. However, to...