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Open to debate: involving staff in service delivery

01 October 2011

Mental Health Practice


In 2007, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust set up the Standing Nursing and Allied Health Professionals Council to allow staff from different areas of practice to...

Leadership scheme to develop the careers of talented candidates

01 February 2012

Nursing Management


The Top Leaders programme supports career development by identifying talented staff and equipping them with a range of management skills and approaches. The...

Developing leadership skills at the front line

27 October 2011

Nursing Management


The health secretary announced in July plans to launch a NHS Leadership Academy. This article explains what progress has been made in setting up the body and...

Using Benner’s model of clinical competency to promote nursing leadership

19 March 2020

Nursing Management


This article explores the concept of leadership in health and social care. All nurses have an important leadership role, which is reflected in the principles of the...

Chairing and managing formal workplace meetings: skills for nurse leaders

19 September 2019

Nursing Management


Few nursing staff from band 6 and above receive formal training on how to chair and manage formal business meetings, which can be a challenging experience for...

Exploring the influence of the nursing and medical professions on policy and politics

29 January 2020

Nursing Management


Background The Nursing Now global campaign is aimed at raising the profile of nursing and its influence on policy and politics. Calls for the profession to have an...

Identifying the challenges and opportunities of the executive nurse director role in the UK: a scoping review

15 October 2020

Nursing Management


The executive nurse director role is complex and there is significant variation in the expectations and responsibilities placed on it. The main function of the role...

Leadership styles in nursing

21 June 2017

Nursing Standard


Nurses are often asked to think about leadership, particularly in times of rapid change in healthcare, and where questions have been raised about whether leaders and...

Student-led simulation: preparing students for leadership

25 October 2018

Nursing Management


It is vital to prepare nurses to become informed leaders with the required knowledge and skills to support effective patient care and outcomes. This article...

Understanding effective nurse leadership styles during the COVID-19 pandemic

22 April 2021

Nursing Standard


Leadership is central to effective nursing practice and is considered to be particularly important during crises such as the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)...