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Delayed discharge from mental health inpatient care in the UK

01 June 2013

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Background Delayed discharge from hospital creates additional pressure on staff and finances. While legal sanctions are in place for acute trusts, the concept of a...

Why intermediate care services need to be refreshed

28 March 2014

Nursing Older People


Intermediate care services are usually intended for frail, older people and those with complex needs. Their aims are to avoid unnecessary hospital admission, help...

Enhanced supervision: new ways to promote safety and well-being in patients requiring one-to-one or cohort nursing

13 March 2019

Nursing Management

Improving care

The number of older people with multiple co-morbidities and cognitive impairment being admitted to hospital is increasing, and behavioural disturbances, such as...

Improving patient flow: role of the orthopaedic discharge sister

07 March 2016

Emergency Nurse


Timely and well-planned discharge improves the patient’s experience, contributes to patient safety and reduces the length of hospital stays. The role of orthopaedic...

Reasons for delayed patient discharge following day surgery: a literature review

Nursing Standard

evidence & practice

Aim Aim The aim of this literature review was to explore the reasons why some patients are not suitable for discharge following day surgery. Method Method A...