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Research, ethics and the data protection legislation

02 February 2000

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

As nursing research becomes more common, so does the issue of whether or not patients should be involved and, if so, to what extent. This article examines how the...

Confidentiality in health care: conflicting legal and ethical issues

31 January 2007

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article examines the circumstances in which dilemmas might arise between the need to maintain a patient’s confidentiality and the need to disclose information....

Patient confidentiality, clinical data and NHS research – a researcher’s guide

01 December 2005

Nurse Researcher

Research process

More stringent research governance in the NHS has led to an increased focus on the importance of patient confidentiality. But relatively low levels of knowledge of...

‘Why didn’t I say something at the time?’ A reflective account of a public incident

23 October 2019

Primary Health Care

patient confidentiality

This is a reflective account of a public incident observed by the author, the implications of which for patient confidentiality she failed to consider at the time.

Maintaining best practice in record-keeping and documentation

07 May 2014

Nursing Standard


This article considers best practice in record-keeping and documentation in the light of recent public inquiries and reports, renewed national interest in...

Role of Summary Care Records in safety and service improvement

02 February 2016

Primary Health Care


Few nurses in England are likely to access Summary Care Records (SCRs) away from GP surgeries. However, the NHS Standard Contract for 2015/16, which is mandated by...

Applying the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation principles in healthcare settings

16 January 2019

Nursing Management

Professional issues

The Data Protection Act (DPA) of 1998 was radically updated in 2018 and since then there has been much media coverage about the General Data Protection Regulation...

Bio-behavioural research in a rare disease population: a doctoral student’s experience

25 June 2020

Nurse Researcher

study participation

Background Novice researchers who aspire to contribute to the body of knowledge concerning rare diseases face unique challenges in developing and conducting studies....

Confidentiality breaches in hospital: the experiences of young people and parents

07 March 2022

Nursing Children and Young People


Background Healthcare professionals, including nurses, have a vital role in protecting patient confidentiality. However, evidence shows that breaches of...

Respecting patient confidentiality

28 January 2015

Nursing Standard


Nurses face a particular challenge in respecting the confidentiality of patients in a world where information is quickly shared and where information about illness...