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Collaborative project to co-ordinate care for patients with dementia

01 May 2011

Nursing Management


Health leaders from across Suffolk joined together in a collaborative action-learning project to identify ways of offering more productive and personalised care for...

A framework to support social interaction in care homes

01 April 2010

Nursing Older People


Engaging in meaningful social interaction is central to quality of life and this does not diminish following the move to a care home. However, social interaction in...

Leadership scheme targets new nurse and midwifery graduates

31 August 2011

Nursing Management


The Modernising Nursing Careers initiative offers development opportunities to recently registered nurses and midwives. The initiative has included a pilot for early...

Investigating a practice skill

01 October 2009

Primary Health Care


Practice skills are at the heart of successful primary health care. They are used to channel the knowledge and expertise of nurses into care strategies that benefit...

The effect of a leadership support programme on care home managers

29 January 2018

Nursing Older People

Evidence & practice

Aim To explore the effect of the My Home Life 12-month leadership support programme on care home managers’ leadership skills and professional development, and their...

Assisting students to prepare for a clinical practice placement

10 December 2014

Nursing Standard


All students undertaking a nursing programme are required to complete clinical practice placements. These placement hours are an essential component of the training...

Open AccessDigital by choice: becoming part of a digitally ready general practice team

20 November 2018

Primary Health Care


Practice nurses from a sustainability and transformation partnership area participated in six action learning sets focused on digital upskilling. The evolving...