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Spiritual assessment: developing an assessment tool

01 March 2006

Nursing Older People


Patients’ ‘spirituality’ is widely considered to be a factor that nurses need to consider in their assessments. But Jeanette Power suggests ways in which assessments...

The spiritual needs of inpatient mental health service users: theoretical and practical applications

11 May 2017

Mental Health Practice

Evidence & practice

This article introduces the concept of spirituality in mental healthcare and its relevance to practice. It uses a short case study as an example from practice using...

Introduction of meditation to meet service users’ spiritual needs

01 April 2011

Mental Health Practice


This article describes how, to help meet service users’ spiritual needs and to reduce their anxiety and distress, meditation sessions were implemented on an acute...

An exploration of the extent to which core nursing textbooks inform holistic spiritual care: implications for nurse managers

Nursing Management

evidence & practice

National and international professional health and nursing guidelines recommend that attention should be given to the spiritual and religious needs of patients. This...

The importance of spirituality for people living with dementia

17 February 2016

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Spiritual care is an essential aspect of caring for people with dementia. It can improve their quality of life and give them the strength to cope with living with...

When to use reflexology

05 February 2010

Primary Health Care


Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is a specialised foot massage that aims to improve health and wellbeing and induce relaxation. While it remains under the...

The relevance of spirituality to nursing practice and education

10 February 2015

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Nursing research has shown that taking care of the spiritual needs of service users is an essential part of holistic practice, and is significantly related to...

Delivering spiritual care

24 March 2009

Nursing Standard


Spirituality is often confused with religion but the two are by no means interchangeable. For nurses it is about how they talk to patients.

Spiritual calling

16 June 2009

Nursing Standard

General article

The idea that patients’ spiritual needs should be incorporated into nursing care is supported by literature and policy.

Spiritual gaze

10 August 2010

Nursing Standard


A new book offers nurses insights into spirituality and tools enabling them to assess this aspect of patient care.