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The internet as a medium for health service research. Part 1

01 March 2013

Nurse Researcher

Issues in research

Aim To show what needs to be determined to ascertain whether an online research method (ORM) is appropriate, including ethical and validity considerations that must...

As others see us: what PhD students say about supervisors

24 September 2014

Nurse Researcher

Online forum

Aim To explore the attitudes that doctoral students share with each other in an online postgraduate discussion forum. Background The supervisory role is pivotal to...

Use of Skype in interviews: the impact of the medium in a study of mental health nurses

18 March 2015

Nurse Researcher

Interviewing in qualitative research

Aim To discuss the use of Skype as a medium for undertaking semi-structured interviews. Background Internet-based research is becoming increasingly popular, as...

The internet as a medium for health services research. Part 2

01 May 2013

Nurse Researcher

Internet research

Aim To enable readers to make an informed decision about whether online research methods (ORMs) are appropriate for their studies. Background Using an ORM is an...

Is Facebook a viable recruitment tool?

14 November 2019

Nurse Researcher

online research

Background Effective participant recruitment strategies are crucial to the success of research studies. A targeted, well-designed recruitment plan provides...

Using audiovisual vignettes to collect data remotely on complex clinical care: a practical insight

13 May 2021

Nurse Researcher

audiovisual vignettes

Background Vignettes are regularly used in nursing research and education to explore complex clinical situations. However, paper-based vignettes lack clinical...

Perspectives on reporting non-verbal interactions from the contemporary research focus group

07 April 2022

Nurse Researcher

Data collection

Background The main defining attribute that delineates focus groups from other methods of collecting data is that data are generated through participants...

The impact of COVID-19 on doctoral research: adapting to the challenges and the opportunities of disruption

24 March 2022

Nurse Researcher

Research challenges

Background The author is a professional doctorate student and full-time nurse in an education role in a UK NHS Trust. COVID-19 caused a major disruption to her...

Mitigating the effects of COVID-19 on the work of a children’s clinical research facility

07 February 2022

Nursing Children and Young People

evidence and practice

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has affected almost every aspect of healthcare, including research. Many ongoing clinical trials were paused or...

Handling missing data through prevention strategies in self-administered questionnaires: a discussion paper

07 July 2022

Nurse Researcher

evidence and practice

Background Self-administered questionnaires are efficient and low-cost ways of collecting data with wide cohorts. Nonetheless, their use in studies can result in a...