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How clinical supervision can improve hospice care for children

26 November 2009

Nursing Management


Since clinical supervision was introduced into nursing in 1993, it has had a poor uptake, despite evidence of its benefits. This article describes how East Anglia’s...

Dependency scoring in palliative care

25 October 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical palliative care

This article describes the development and implementation of a dependency rating tool for a palliative care unit. The author details how dependency scores were used...

Gaining the views of service users in a specialist palliative day care setting

01 December 2005

Cancer Nursing Practice


Patient and public involvement in the assessment of palliative care services presents unique challenges. This article reports on the use of the nominal group...

The discharge process for palliative care patients

09 July 1997

Nursing Standard


In 1993, following implementation of the NHS and Community Care Act (Audit Commission 1990), the discharge of palliative care patients into the community became more...

Cancer in midlife: care and hope

01 September 2003

Cancer Nursing Practice


This article outlines the issues and nursing strategies in caring for a patient with cancer, in relation to their position on the life span continuum. The author...

Developing palliative care services in partnership

01 April 2004

Cancer Nursing Practice


Last month’s publication of the NICE guidance document, Improving Supportive and Palliative Care for Adults with Cancer, has re-emphasised the need to increase and...

Patient focused menu planning

15 May 1996

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This paper discusses how a small study of the meals provided for patients in a hospice was undertaken as part of the ENB 931 Care of the Dying course, and used to...

Shared care: hospital, hospice, home

01 July 2003

Paediatric Nursing


Provision of seamless care that meets the needs of children requiring palliative care and their families requires a multidisciplinary approach. All professionals...

Quality assessment in children’s hospice care

01 April 2005

Paediatric Nursing


Helen House, the first children’s hospice in the UK opened in 1982. After the pioneering work of that development, there was a great commitment to quality within the...

Place of death: Hobson’s Choice or patient choice?

01 May 2003

Cancer Nursing Practice


The place of final care for patients with terminal illness is influenced more by resource availability than patient choice. Resources are not consistently available...