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Use of hypodermoclysis to manage dehydration

01 June 2011

Nursing Older People


Older people, particularly those who are frail, are vulnerable to dehydration. Management of dehydration in older people can be more complex than in younger adults...

Applying numeracy skills in clinical practice: fluid balance

14 March 2007

Nursing Standard


This article aims to identify and improve nurses’ numeracy skills in one specific area of clinical practice: fluid balance. Three different patient scenarios are...

Making sense of fluid balance in children

01 September 2000

Paediatric Nursing


Fluid balance is fundamental to life. Monitoring and maintaining fluid balance in sick children requires an understanding of normal requirements and losses and of...

Dehydration and electrolyte disturbance

01 May 1999

Elderly Care


Aims and outcomes The aim of this article is to draw attention to the important part played by nurses in the early detection, prevention and treatment of dehydration...

Assessing and documenting fluid balance

Nursing Standard

evidence & practice

Concerns about inadequate patient hydration and suboptimal monitoring of fluid balance have been documented in recent reports. The Fluid-balance Improvement Project...

Fluid balance

07 July 2010

Learning Disability Practice


The author describes the signs, symptoms, causes and results of problems with the amount of fluid in the body. Monitoring fluid balance is particularly important...

Bionursing: confusion in elderly people

01 November 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical biological sciences

Bionursing is a series of 12 articles looking at how biological theories should integrate with [practice. In the sixth article in the series, the authors explore how...

Drink to good health

19 September 2007

Nursing Standard


As part of the Nutrition Now campaign, a toolkit is being launched online to encourage nurses and support staff to increase water consumption among patients in...

When care breaks down

24 July 2007

Nursing Standard


As Amanda Steane recounts the story of her husband’s untimely death, she is composed. It is only when she starts to describe how Paul, aged 45 and the father of her...

Promoting and maintaining healthy hydration in patients

04 April 2012

Nursing Standard


Fluid is essential for life and health. Nurses have an important role in helping patients maintain optimal levels of hydration, particularly in hospital or...