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Legal responsibility and accountability

01 June 2010

Nursing Management


Shifting boundaries in healthcare roles have led to anxiety among some nurses about their legal responsibilities and accountabilities. This is partly because of a...

Patient safety and hydration in the care of older people

29 April 2016

Nursing Older People

Art & Science

Ensuring patients are adequately hydrated is a fundamental part of nursing care, however, it is clear from the literature that dehydration remains a significant...

A legal commentary on negligence

02 February 2011

Paediatric Nursing


There is anecdotal evidence that a claim in negligence, or ‘negligence’ for short, is something that many nurses are fearful of and they worry that parents will sue...

Applying ethical principles to restraint practice

26 January 2016

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

There are about 1.14 million people in the UK who have a learning disability, of whom more than 20% have a co-morbid mental health issue (Cooper et al 2007) often...

Safeguarding vulnerable adults

21 May 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article explores some of the issues surrounding safeguarding vulnerable adults, examines some of the related legislation and literature, and outlines the...

Legal, ethical and professional aspects of duty of care for nurses

13 December 2017

Nursing Standard

Evidence & practice

Duty of care is a fundamental aspect of nursing, and many nurses consider this to be an important part of their professional duties as a nurse. However, the legal...

Bound to care

26 September 2006

Nursing Standard


Healthcare practitioners must be better educated in the legal and ethical principles underpinning the delivery of health care.

Introduction to the nurse’s role in providing first aid

30 September 2009

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article, the first in an eight-part series, discusses the importance of a considered, responsible approach to first aid. The article describes the challenges of...

End of life care pathways: ethical and legal principles

09 December 2009

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Myths have developed surrounding the law and ethical principles in end of life care, which can make care provision at the end of life complex and fraught with...

Ethical issues and accountability in pressure ulcer prevention

22 October 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Pressure ulcers represent a considerable cost, both in terms of healthcare spending and quality of life. They are increasingly viewed in terms of patient harm. For...