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Diaries as a method of data collection in research

01 September 2010

Paediatric Nursing


Diary records in healthcare research are becoming more common. This article describes the use of a diary as a method in which mothers’ experiences of caring for...

Complementing the P-value from null-hypothesis significance testing with a Bayes factor from null-hypothesis Bayesian testing

05 November 2020

Nurse Researcher

bayesian analysis

Background Classical frequentist statistics, including null-hypothesis significance testing (NHST), dominates nursing and medical research analysis. However, there...

Use of diaries in research

01 July 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article presents an overview of the diary as a popular method for data collection in nursing and health research. The context for using diaries as a data...

Using the internet to conduct research

01 December 2005

Nurse Researcher

Issues in research

The internet has become an everyday communication tool for countless people throughout the world. It has a variety of potential uses in education, practice and...

Doing things differently: advantages and disadvantages of web questionnaires

01 July 2008

Nurse Researcher


The use of questionnaires as a method of data collection in research is well established, with the benefits and drawbacks of using such a method extensively debated...

Establishing truthfulness, consistency and transferability

01 July 2008

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

Public anxiety is aroused when the term ‘psychopath’ appears in the media, particularly when it is linked with extreme violence or even murder. In fact, in view of...

Qualitative interviewing: methodological challenges in Arab settings

24 January 2014

Nurse Researcher

Cultural sensitivity

Aim To explore some of the main methodological challenges faced by interviewers in Arab settings, particularly during interviews with psychiatric nurses. Background...

Insider-outsider perspectives of participant observation

01 July 2002

Nurse Researcher


Ann Bonner and Gerda Tolhurst provide personal accounts of their experiences in conducting research involving participant observation. Issues discussed include the...

Journaling: identification of challenges and reflection on strategies

20 April 2012

Nurse Researcher

A&S Science

Aims To identify the challenges associated with using journaling as a method of data collection and to offer strategies for effectively managing those challenges....

A profile of technology-assisted children and young people in north west England

13 November 2008

Paediatric Nursing

A&S Science

Aim: To obtain a profile of children and young people in north west England who needed the ongoing support of medical technology. Method: As part of a larger study,...