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Assessment of emotional distress in children and young people

01 February 2011

Mental Health Practice


It is widely accepted that most adult mental health difficulties originate in childhood so it is essential that they are detected and treated early to prevent them...

Evaluating a group for young people who have a sibling with a disability

15 May 2018

Learning Disability Practice

Service evaluation

Siblings of children who have a disability frequently take on care, responsibility and advocacy roles, often into adulthood. Support groups, workshops and training...

The effectiveness of drama therapy for children who have witnessed domestic abuse

09 October 2014

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Witnessing domestic violence can have a devastating effect on children’s development. Interventions for such children have previously been based on adults’...

Child and adolescent mental health service providers’ perceptions of using telehealth

01 September 2013

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

There is growing evidence to suggest that, for child and adolescent mental health services, telehealth might be better than some aspects of traditional face-to-face...

Non-medical prescribing in a child and adolescent mental health service

01 September 2007

Mental Health Practice


Noreen Ryan illustrates how non-medical prescribing has been introduced into one aspect of care offered by child and adolescent mental health services at Bolton...

Nurse prescribing in child and adolescent mental health services

01 July 2007

Mental Health Practice


Children and young people who receive care and treatment from specialist CAMHS have multiple and complex needs. These needs are best addressed by the...

Interpreting children’s mental health problems

01 November 2010

Mental Health Practice

A&S Science

Aim The aim of this study was to gather evidence of variations in the assumptions made and language used by health and social care professionals about young people’s...

The risks to children of alcohol-based hand gels

10 February 2009

Paediatric Nursing


Although intentional ingestion of alcohol-based hospital cleansing agents by vulnerable adults has been well reported, there have been few reports of intentional...

Parent-child relationships and self‑control in male university students’ desire to play video games

12 June 2018

Nursing Children and Young People

evidence and practice

Aim To determine the relationship between the parent-child relationship, self-control and demographic characteristics and the desire to play video games among male...

Mood, emotions and emojis: conversations about health with young people

Mental Health Practice

evidence & practice

Various styles of communication can be used when working with people with mental health issues, and all formats can contribute to therapeutic goals. However, there...