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Direct payments in mental health

01 July 1999

Mental Health Practice


Canada pioneered giving cash to people with mental health problems to purchase their own services in the early 1980s (Brandon and Towe 1989, Brandon 1991)In this...

Dental services for people with learning disabilities

01 February 2013

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

Evidence shows that people with learning disabilities have poorer health outcomes and less access to health services than the rest of the population. In Cumbria,...

A covenant between mental health services and family carers

10 October 2012

Mental Health Practice


The author proposes the drawing up of a covenant between mental health services and family carers, based on mutual obligations in addition to obligations to service...

Simulation using ‘live’ adult service users and moulage in a variety of settings

25 January 2018

Nursing Management

Evidence & practice

This article shows how simulation can be modified and adapted to benefit higher education institutions (HEIs) in a variety of situations. These situations can...

Applying the recovery model to physical rehabilitation

05 February 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Although rehabilitation literature frequently refers to recovery as the ultimate goal of therapeutic interventions, what recovery actually means is not clearly...

Service user involvement in nurse education

29 January 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Service user involvement is now recognised as an integral component of nurse education. This article describes the involvement of one service user, who experienced a...

An evaluation of recovery in a forensic mental health service

26 October 2018

Mental Health Practice


This service evaluation aims to gain service users’ and staff members’ perspectives on one forensic mental health service’s approach to recovery; to provide feedback...

An evaluation of the Health Equalities Framework for people with a learning disability

24 January 2018

Learning Disability Practice

Evidence & practice

There is increasing evidence that the Health Equalities Framework (HEF) benefits people with learning disabilities, but there is little information about service...

Staff reluctance to report clients to the police

01 June 2015

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

The reluctance of carers to report alleged offences by people with learning disabilities to the police is well documented in the literature, but there is a lack of...

The ‘nearest relative’ role under the Mental Health Act

12 May 2015

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

The nearest relative role is a statutory safeguard for people who may be subject to the formal powers of the Mental Health Act 1983 in England and Wales. It survived...