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Reminiscence therapy for older service users

01 March 2012

Learning Disability Practice


There is an increased focus on non-pharmacological approaches for the management of dementia in the general population. Reminiscence therapy, mainly in groups, has...

Sexuality: raising the issue with patients

03 June 2010

Cancer Nursing Practice


Few nurses are confident about discussing sexuality with patients, even when cancer or treatment seems to mandate a review of this subject. In this article, Bob...

Suicidal behaviour among psychiatric inpatients

01 December 2010

Mental Health Practice


Deliberate self-harm is a serious issue that health professionals constantly try to prevent. This article examines the case notes and psychosocial assessments of 37...

Reflections on the role of clinical manager in implementing change

01 September 2010

Mental Health Practice


This article explores the nature of early intervention services (EIS) generally and the Worcestershire EIS in particular. Consideration of the development of the...

Working together to reduce suicide, is it possible?

29 May 2015

Primary Health Care

Art & Science

Identifying and managing emotionally distressed individuals who are at risk of suicide is a responsibility relevant to all healthcare professionals. While some might...

Assessing and managing communication needs in people with serious mental illness

25 June 2018

Nursing Standard

Mental health

Effective communication is essential to maintain mental health and resilience. Communication can be challenging for people who experience serious mental illness...

Effects of dance on mood and potential of dance as a mental health intervention

26 January 2021

Mental Health Practice


Background Restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in people having to find new ways to exercise. One such way is dance, an activity that can be...

How caring for a parent affects the psychosocial development of the young

01 December 2013

Nursing Children and Young People

Art & Science

Aim To investigate the impact of caring for a parent on the psychosocial development of the young person. Methods A total of 20 young carers and 20 non-caregiving...

Wellbeing of military mental health staff

01 December 2010

Mental Health Practice


Mental healthcare professionals in the armed forces face similar experiences to other military personnel during and after active service, and have similar needs for...

Open AccessOC21 – Psychosocial functioning of parents of infants diagnosed with complex congenital heart defect

09 May 2016

Nursing Children and Young People


Theme: Parenting/parenthood. Introduction: The diagnosis of complex CHD impacts the psychosocial status of parents and their functioning. Purpose: A critical...