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Understanding schizophrenia

19 March 2008

Nursing Standard


This article provides an introduction to schizophrenia, outlining its signs and symptoms, causes and possible prognosis for patients. It also considers a range of...

Putting symptoms in a box: the Hough brothers’ story

01 February 2004

Mental Health Practice

Users’ views

Phil and Simon Hough are active members in mental health planning and development groups both locally and county-wide in the north-west of England. Simon and his...

Prescribing new ways of working

01 March 2006

Mental Health Practice


Recent policy developments have allowed suitably trained mental health nurses to prescribe and supply medication as supplementary prescribers in order to improve...

a weighty problem: monitoring the side effects of medication

01 December 2006

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

Despite growing evidence that neuroleptic medication can trigger weight gain, many services fail to ensure that people with learning disabilities and mental health...

Malingered psychosis among prisoners: part 1

01 November 2005

Mental Health Practice


Recent research suggests there is a high prevalence rate of mental disorders among prisoners (Singleton et al 1998, Singleton 2001). But many of the measures used...

Malingered psychosis among prisoners Part 2: the research perspective

01 December 2005

Mental Health Practice


The first article in this series provided the reader with a definition of malingering and examined the possible motivations for this type of behaviour with...

Stigmatisation of people with mental illness in Bangladesh

01 November 2009

Mental Health Practice


Exploring how people with mental health problems experience stigma can help to tackle it and ensure that mental health nurses are able to support patients. A large...

Positive approaches to schizophrenia

01 December 2006

Mental Health Practice


The term ‘schizophrenia’ is problematic and stigmatised. One dictionary defines schizophrenia as a disorder ‘involving a breakdown in the relationship between...

Recovery from mental illness in China and India

01 November 2006

Mental Health Practice


There are many similarities in the characteristics and treatment of mental illness across countries. Human behaviour considered to be abnormal in Britain is also...

Psychopharmacological adverse effects

01 March 2008

Mental Health Practice


There have been many advances in the care of people with mental health problemsin recent years. Those at the forefront of the changes have called for a reduction in...