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evaluating health checks

01 May 2007

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

Acknowledging that people with learning disability have poorer health than the rest of the population, the government set out clear principles for improving the...

Diagnostic overshadowing: a potential barrier to physical health care for mental health service users

01 December 2013

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Diagnostic overshadowing occurs when symptoms of physical illness are attributed to the service user’s mental illness. This increases the risks of treatment delay...

Addressing the physical health needs of service users

10 July 2014

Mental Health Practice


Evidence shows that patients with a diagnosis of serious mental illness live lives that are ten to 15 years shorter than the general population, on average. A number...

Do third-year mental health nursing students feel prepared to assess physical health?

12 July 2017

Mental Health Practice

Evidence & practice

Background The life expectancy for people with mental health issues is significantly lower than the general population, however, their physical health needs are...

Monitoring physical health in patients with serious mental illness

10 February 2015

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

The average life expectancy of people with serious mental illness (SMI) is up to 25 years shorter than that of the general population. Whereas causes of death are...

Who assesses the physical health of inpatients?

10 October 2012

Mental Health Practice


The authors describe a study that examined how six mental health ward nurses perceive their role in the physical health care of clients. Transcripts of interviews...

Assessing nurses’ propositional knowledge of physical health

01 October 2010

Mental Health Practice


Participants in a training day on the phycial health of people with severe mental illness completed a quiz to assess their knowledge of basic physical health issues...

How to address the physical needs of clients in a mental health setting

24 March 2012

Nursing Management


People with mental health illness, particularly those affected in the long term, experience higher rates of morbidity and mortality than the general population. It...

Identifying and responding to gaps in domestic abuse services for older women

29 June 2016

Nursing Older People

Evidence & practice

Domestic abuse is widespread and indiscriminate. Older women living with domestic abuse report more health-related concerns than any other group, and demonstrate a...

Developing nursing students’ understanding through formative peer learning seminars

06 December 2018

Mental Health Practice


In the context of concerns about the poor physical health and early mortality of people living with severe mental illness, it is important that nursing students are...