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A patient with sepsis: an evaluation of care

01 May 2009

Emergency Nurse


While undertaking an accident and emergency care course, the author was required to reflect critically on the care of a patient he had seen. This included the use of...

Priorities and challenges in the care of teenagers and young adults

09 February 2011

Cancer Nursing Practice


This article focuses on priorities and challenges for practitioners working with teenage and young adult (TYA) patients aged 16 to 24 years old in the UK. It...

Commissioning high quality healthcare services

30 September 2012

Learning Disability Practice


This article outlines the progress made in the publication of guidelines for clinical commissioning groups involved in improving care outcomes for people with...

Exposure to health inequalities as a measure of outcomes

01 February 2014

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

Earlier this year, the authors, all members of the UK Learning Disability Consultant Nurse Network, completed development of the Health Equalities Framework. This...

Establishing and evaluating an assertive outreach team

01 November 2013

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

The evidence base for assertive outreach services in the UK is limited. Five established outcome measures were used in an attempt to capture the clinical...

The policy and practice of measuring patient experience

27 June 2011

Nursing Management


The NHS outcomes framework makes clear that the provision of a ‘good experience’ of care for patients, alongside clinical effectiveness and safety, is a central goal...

Quality assurance tool: taking a whole-system approach

27 November 2014

Nursing Management

Art & Science

The London Cancer Alliance (LCA) has developed the Quality Clinical Board Exception Report (QCBER), a tool that supports delivery of quality assurance across its...

How the emergency department four-hour target affects clinical outcomes for patients diagnosed with a personality disorder

28 May 2019

Emergency Nurse

Crisis support

Emergency departments (EDs) may already be invalidating environments for patients diagnosed with a personality disorder, with negative attitudes from staff...

Should I be more concerned about patient care or the four-hour target?

24 October 2018

Emergency Nurse

literature review

UK emergency departments (EDs) are high-pressure environments focused on delivering care in the most efficient way to patients with a range of health problems. For...

How people with myeloma perceive patient-reported outcome measures

25 March 2019

Cancer Nursing Practice

Patient outcomes

Aim There is a lack of literature on what patients with myeloma think about patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs). The aim of this study was to examine the views...