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Clinical supervision: the Cartmel NDU experience

18 March 1998

Nursing Standard

Professional development

Implementing clinical supervision is now seen as a critical element in the provision of safe and accountable practice. In 1994, Moores suggested that the time had...

A comparison of two depot injection techniques

03 June 1998

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

In the study reported in this article, the researchers attempted to raise awareness among practitioners of the importance of intramuscular drug administration...

New drug treatments for schizophrenia: implications for mental health nursing

01 September 1997

Mental Health Practice


Over the last decade, a new range of psychosocial interventions has emerged. This includes family and cognitive behavioural interventions for treating people with...

The social construction of the mental health service user

01 March 1998

Mental Health Practice


People are represented by systems of ideas, practices and values which help to place them in their social world. This representation should enable a sense of...

A lifelong quest for excellence

01 November 2009

Mental Health Practice


An interview with Joyce Fletcher, the mental health nurse championing teamwork and nurse education on the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Prevention programmes to reduce heroin overdose deaths

01 July 2001

Mental Health Practice

Research & practice

The rate of fatal and other heroin-related overdoses has been increasing dramatically during the past ten years. An increased incidence of overdose has been reported...

Mental health nurse prescribing: Part 2

01 June 2001

Mental Health Practice

News feature

Over the course of the past two decades in the USA, some nurses have been exposed to a paradigm shift in the management and treatment of patients with mental health...

Mad, bad, or scared?

01 May 2001

Mental Health Practice

Research & practice

Jenny Webb, aged 28, had for the past three months experienced intrusive images of a child’s torso being stabbed. Not surprisingly, she found this extremely...

Therapeutic interaction and mental health nursing

29 July 1998

Nursing Standard

Mental health nursing

In a recent spot check on 309 mental health units across England and Wales, observers found very little interaction between nurses and patients (Sainsbury...

Diversional group therapy: a study of effectiveness

13 August 1997

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This research uses an immediate response questionnaire (IRQ) to measure the general diversional effectiveness of six new recreational and diversional groups in a...