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Effectiveness and safety of restraint and breakaway techniques in a psychiatric intensive care unit

16 May 2007

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aim To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of restraint and breakaway in a 16-bed psychiatric intensive care unit. Method Analysis of specifically designed...

Control and restraint: changing thinking, practice and policy

01 October 2009

Mental Health Practice


The term control and restraint (C&R) has been in common use in mental health practice for the past 20 years. This article explores the appropriateness of its...

Sensory modulation in mental health practice

04 February 2020

Mental Health Practice

therapeutic practice

Sensory modulation approaches have become increasingly prevalent in Australian mental health practice over the past few years, but their use in UK mental health...

Three issues for mental health nurse educators preparing new preregistration programmes

11 February 2020

Mental Health Practice


According to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), universities across the UK must develop and implement new preregistration nursing programmes by the end of...

Nursing students’ experiences of witnessing physical restraint during placements

29 March 2023

Mental Health Practice

Restrictive interventions

Background There is a paucity of research on mental health nursing students’ experiences of witnessing physical restraint in practice, despite the fact that they...

Restrictive interventions: a service evaluation

13 August 2019

Mental Health Practice

therapeutic practice

Background Restrictive interventions (RIs) are defined as the use of deliberate acts that restrict a person’s movement, liberty or freedom to act independently. RIs...

Exploring women’s experiences of an inpatient mental health rehabilitation service

23 April 2024

Mental Health Practice

evidence and practice

The importance of providing women who experience mental health issues with gender-sensitive and trauma-informed care has been emphasised in research and policy....

Managing agitation secondary to hyperactive delirium in deteriorating patients

08 November 2021

Nursing Standard

mental health

Delirium is an under-recognised condition which adversely affects deteriorating patients. Delirium can be an acute or long-term condition and is associated with...

Restrictive interventions: understanding and reducing their use in mental health settings

23 August 2022

Mental Health Practice

patient safety

Restrictive interventions, which include enhanced observations, seclusion and restraint, are associated with significant and far-reaching harm for patients, staff...

Acute behavioural disturbance: recognition, assessment and management

31 March 2022

Emergency Nurse

Acute behavioural disturbance

Acute behavioural disturbance (ABD) is a clinical emergency which typically affects overweight men in their mid-thirties who chronically misuse illicit stimulants....