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Volunteering in women’s and children’s hospitals in russia

01 December 2009

Mental Health Practice


A short stint volunteering in hospitals organised through Insight Abroad provided an opportunity to improve resources and patient-centred activities at two run-down...

Early intervention with children can prevent problems in later life

01 July 2010

Mental Health Practice


In its One Year On report, the National Advisory Council for Children’s Mental Health and Psychological Wellbeing highlights the importance of early intervention for...

Obesity in children and teenagers

31 August 2012

Primary Health Care

A&S Science

It is estimated that 20 per cent of children in the UK will be obese by the year 2050. Children and adolescents are a target group for intervention to prevent...

Non-medical interventions for depression in children and adolescents

Mental Health Practice

evidence & practice

Depression is a common and disabling illness that can affect the physical and emotional well-being of children and adolescents. Pharmacological therapies often incur...

Type 2 diabetes: an epidemic in children

01 March 2013

Nursing Children and Young People

Art & Science

Increasing numbers of children and adolescents are developing type 2 diabetes. Symptoms of this condition include obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, insulin resistance...

Mental health problems in childhood and adolescence

07 December 2011

Nursing Standard

Learning Zone

The emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people is of fundamental importance. Unmet mental health needs during childhood lead to difficulties in...