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When rites are wrong

11 October 2005

Nursing Standard


140 million girls and women worldwide have undergone some form of female genital mutilation (FGM). The African Women’s Clinic at University College London Hospitals...

Hero of cyclone Yasi

24 May 2011

Nursing Standard


Earlier this year a midwife from the uk made the news when she delivered a baby in the middle of Queensland, Australia’s, worst-ever cyclone.

Breaking from binaries – using a sequential mixed methods design

27 March 2014

Nurse Researcher

Mixed methods

Aim To outline the traditional worldviews of healthcare research and discuss the benefits and challenges of using mixed methods approaches in contributing to the...

The lived experience of women with faecal incontinence after childbirth: a thematic synthesis

03 July 2019

Primary Health Care


The prevalence of faecal incontinence in the general population is estimated to be between 11% and 15%, with a subgroup of younger women experiencing a higher...

A labour of love

19 April 2005

Nursing Standard

General article

Dame Lorna Muirhead retired recently after 40 years in midwifery and more than seven years as president of the Royal College of Midwives. She has seen many changes –...

A wee problem

06 December 2005

Nursing Standard

General article

Stress incontinence plagues many women’s lives. It is more common than diabetes or asthma, and can have major social and financial implications. Although treatment...

Do-it-yourself delivery

21 November 2007

Nursing Standard


More women are opting for an unassisted ‘freebirth’. But midwives and doctors are concerned about the dangers.

Delivering change

05 March 2008

Nursing Standard


Lynne Leyshon is the driving force behind major changes to maternity services in Torbay. But hands-on midwifery is still her first love.

How to repair an episiotomy

17 February 2016

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Rationale and key points Skilful repair of an episiotomy is an important aspect of maternal health care. It is essential that midwives and doctors have the knowledge...

How to perform an episiotomy

10 February 2016

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Rationale and key points An episiotomy may be necessary to assist some women to give birth. An episiotomy is a surgical incision intentionally made to increase the...