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Psychosexual therapy

18 August 1999

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Sexual problems are more likely to originate from psychological or relationship difficulties rather than ‘mechanical failure’. Here Peter Gregory reveals the often...

Exchange tackles health issues

01 May 2010

Paediatric Nursing

International focus

Young people from Bolton in Lancashire and KwaZulu Natal province in South Africa took part in an exchange visit to improve cultural awareness and reinforce the need...

Chlamydia screening in a primary care setting

01 April 2013

Primary Health Care

Art & Science

The study reported in this article was undertaken in response to the participation of a general practice in the National Chlamydia Screening Programme...

The impact of cancer treatment on male fertility

01 May 2003

Cancer Nursing Practice


Infertility as a consequence of cancer treatment can be a devastating blow to someone who is already battling a life threatening illness (Koeppel 1995, Quinn 1999)....

Promoting good sexual health and relationships

01 February 2012

Learning Disability Practice


The Family Planning Association (FPA) is a national charity that promotes good sexual health. This article describes a programme the FPA has devised to help people...

Exploring interprofessional education on sexual health needs

09 April 2010

Learning Disability Practice


This article describes the evolution and evaluation of a workshop for students undertaking the DipHE and BSc(Hons) in learning disability nursing and BMid(Hons)...

Strategies to promote sexual health

09 August 2006

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article examines trends in sexually transmitted infections in the UK. Screening, treatment and education of adults and adolescents are discussed. Suggestions...

Sexual health resource for all nurses

04 October 2011

Primary Health Care


The RCN has developed an online resource to assist all nurses who are not experts in sexual health to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to help patients. The...

Self-screening for sexually transmitted infections

11 June 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

There is an increasing trend towards self-collection of samples for sexually transmitted infection screening in lieu of genital examination and clinician-obtained...

Prescribing prophylaxis to patients who have been exposed to HIV

09 March 2012

Emergency Nurse


Emergency nurse practitioners should be prepared to prescribe post-exposure prophylaxis for sexual exposure (PEPSE) to people who may have been exposed to HIV, even...