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Person-centred support of people who exhibit challenging behaviour

01 March 2012

Learning Disability Practice


This article describes person-centred and positive behaviour support techniques in the care of people with learning disabilities who exhibit challenging behaviour....

Using functional assessments to involve service users in their positive behaviour support plan

23 January 2020

Learning Disability Practice

service-user involvement

Positive behaviour support (PBS) is the predominant model used in learning disability services to support people engaging in behaviour that challenges. Functional...

Non-aversive care of people on the autism spectrum

28 May 2014

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

This article considers the challenges involved in supporting a man with autism to develop a valued life in the community, rather than face hospital admission in his...

‘Just look at my face’: co-production of a positive behavioural support plan

21 March 2018

Learning Disability Practice

Evidence & practice

Service-user involvement is important in learning disability services. Historically, professionals have struggled to involve service users fully in their care, and...

Scatolia: positive behaviour support for a client with Goltz syndrome

01 February 2013

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

This article presents a case study of how positive behaviour support improved the quality of life of a client, a young woman with a rare chromosomal disorder, in an...

Positive behaviour support in a medium secure environment

01 July 2013

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

This article demonstrates that when staff are trained in the positive behaviour support (PBS) model of care it helps them to manage challenging behaviour in patients...

Low arousal approaches to manage behaviours of concern

13 September 2018

Learning Disability Practice


Background Behaviours of concern restrict opportunities and choices for some people with learning disabilities and autism spectrum conditions and often lead to...

Increasing the effectiveness of staff training in services for people with learning disabilities with behaviour that challenges

29 July 2019

Learning Disability Practice

positive behaviour support

Positive behaviour support (PBS) is considered best practice in managing behaviour that challenges in learning disability care. However, training staff to implement...

Supporting a young person with autism and a learning disability through transition from child to adult services

06 January 2022

Learning Disability Practice

Person-centred care

Transition to adult services for young people with learning disabilities and complex needs should be a purposeful and planned process that begins at the age of 14....

Positive behaviour support for a child with severe learning disability

01 December 2012

Learning Disability Practice


This case study describes the implementation of positive behaviour support by a learning disability child and adolescent mental health team. Care was planned and...