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Using drama to teach interpersonal skills

10 May 2016

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

This article describes and evaluates an educational intervention that used a drama and theatre workshop to foster communication and interpersonal skills in mental...

Evaluating the VERA framework for communication

09 September 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article describes an evaluation of the use of the VERA (validation, emotion, reassurance, activity) framework for communication in a practice development unit...

VERA framework: communicating with people who have dementia

09 November 2011

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article presents a communication framework, devised by the authors, that could be used by healthcare professionals who come into contact with people who have...

Relationship between communication skills and emotional intelligence among nurses

05 March 2019

Nursing Management


Aim Nurses’ emotional intelligence (EI) affects many of their behavioural skills. Given the importance of communication skills, the aim of this study is to...

Chairing and managing formal workplace meetings: skills for nurse leaders

19 September 2019

Nursing Management


Few nursing staff from band 6 and above receive formal training on how to chair and manage formal business meetings, which can be a challenging experience for...

Developing clinical reasoning and effective communication skills in advanced practice

24 December 2018

Nursing Standard


Clinical reasoning and effective communication are fundamental skills for nurses working at an advanced level of practice. Clinical reasoning processes are designed...

Effective intercultural communication in nursing

28 January 2019

Nursing Standard


As a result of global migration, nurses are caring for patients in increasingly diverse cultural and linguistic settings. Intercultural nursing requires nurses to...

Optimising professional communication with patients

06 January 2020

Nursing Standard


Communication between a nurse and a patient may seem intuitive. However, communicating effectively with patients while applying the principles of person-centred care...

Exploring the factors that influence trauma team activation in emergency department staff

03 May 2022

Emergency Nurse


Regional trauma networks enable the rapid and safe management and transfer of patients with traumatic injury between designated trauma units and one of 27 major...

Reframing nurses’ time to enhance interpersonal interactions in dementia care

10 August 2022

Nursing Older People


Spending time with a person with dementia to develop a rapport is vitally important for nurses who are attempting to deliver high-quality care. However, finding...