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The diminishing right to life

01 December 2010

Mental Health Practice


This article explains why two similar cases of alleged negligence in the care of patients with mental health problems produced different results.

The nurse’s role and the NMC Code of Professional Conduct in the use of Section 58 powers

01 November 2003

Mental Health Practice


Two cases, Wilkinson (2002) and Wooder (2003), involving the use of compulsory powers under the Mental Health Act 1983 to administer anti-psychotic medication, have...

Laws of humanity

27 October 2009

Nursing Standard


The Human Rights Act should underpin everything nurses do in caring for patients. The topic is the subject of an RCN conference to be held in London on October 26.

Understanding nurses’ responsibilities in promoting equality and diversity

06 April 2021

Nursing Standard

equality and diversity

Nurses have a duty to promote the values of equality and diversity during their interactions with patients and their families and carers, as well as peers and...

Understanding the relevance of human rights in healthcare and nursing practice

09 November 2020

Nursing Standard

Ethical issues

While the NHS aims to respect the human rights of every individual, it also has a wider social duty to promote equality in the services it provides. This means that...

Withdrawal of treatment from critically ill children: legal and ethical issues

04 September 2019

Nursing Children and Young People


Withdrawal of treatment from critically ill children is a contentious and ethically difficult area. The principle of best interests was central to three recent...

Reducing the use of restrictive practices by applying a human rights-based approach

25 May 2022

Learning Disability Practice


In 2021 the Welsh Government launched a new framework for reducing the use of restrictive practices in childcare, education, health and social care settings. A...