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Staffing levels and patient outcomes

25 October 2009

Nursing Management


There is considerable evidence of an association between nurse staffing levels and patient outcomes. The evidence has been used to support calls for mandatory...

Implementation of a model of emergency care in an Australian hospital

10 November 2017

Emergency Nurse

Evidence & practice

Aim Emergency departments are characterised by a fast-paced, quick turnover and high acuity workload, therefore appropriate staffing is vital to ensure positive...

Head to head - the gloves are off

01 April 2005

Nursing Standard

General article

This article explores key issues in nursing through the eyes of commentator Harriet Sergeant and nursing leader Beverly Malone. In a question and answer session,...

Campaign changes gear

20 September 2005

Nursing Standard


The RCN campaign on MRSA is raising awareness of infection control, influencing best practice and helping the college to lobby behind the scenes for more infection...

Powerful persuasion

02 January 2007

Nursing Standard


Nurses are recognising the potential power of patient protest to highlight poor nurse skill mix and inadequate staffing levels to the government.

Going back to basics

18 November 2008

Nursing Standard


The RCN’s new healthcare assistant (HCA) adviser Paul Vaughan answers questions about HCAs’ role, career, responsibilities and value.