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Improving activity and engagement for patients with dementia

24 September 2015

Nursing Older People

Art & Science

This is the second in a short series that presents case study examples of the positive work achieved by trusts that participated in the Royal College of Nursing’s...

Tea and empathy

16 April 2008

Nursing Standard


Nurses in Norfolk have introduced changes to improve the lives of patients on the dementia assessment unit – and won an award for excellence.

Streamlining perioperative care for oesophago-gastric cancer surgery patients using home remote monitoring

Primary Health Care

evidence & practice

Perioperative support programmes, such as prehabilitation and enhanced recovery pathways, involve multimodal interventions. Programme adherence is notoriously...

A changing identity: a focus group study of the experiences of women diagnosed with secondary breast cancer

31 January 2019

Cancer Nursing Practice

holistic support

Aim This aim of the study was to explore the information and support needs of women with secondary breast cancer (SBC). Method A qualitative focus group study with...

Supporting patients in shared decision making in clinical practice

01 April 2015

Nursing Standard


This article defines shared decision making in patient care and describes the background to this philosophy. The shared decision making approach is part of a wider...

Patient-centred care: improving healthcare outcomes

23 September 2015

Nursing Standard


Patient-centred care is a model of care that respects the patient’s experience, values, needs and preferences in the planning, co-ordination and delivery of care. A...

Meeting the healthcare needs of people experiencing homelessness

20 September 2018

Nursing Standard

Patient experience

People experiencing homelessness have unique healthcare and health promotion needs. This article provides nurses with information on the healthcare challenges that...

Supporting frequent attenders to reduce their visits to an emergency department

17 December 2018

Emergency Nurse


Frequent attenders to emergency departments (EDs) are a heterogeneous group who have traditionally been patched up and discharged with little support. This makes...

Improving the awareness and care of veterans in healthcare services

12 August 2019

Nursing Standard

evidence and practice

This article aims to raise awareness of veterans (people who have served in the UK military) who are receiving nursing care. Nurses will often provide care and...

Open AccessUse of a text messaging service for communication with parents and carers

19 March 2019

Primary Health Care


This article looks at how parents and carers can use text messaging to have safe and secure conversations with health visitors about a range of issues. It describes...