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Hand-arm vibration syndrome: a guide for nurses

17 February 1999

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

It is estimated that 1.2 million workers are now exposed to hazardous levels of vibration in their work. In the year 1995-1996, over 3,000 new cases of hand-arm...

Occupational health audit

01 March 1998

Nursing Management

General article

Audit is a management tool used to measure performance against agreed standards. Occupational health (OH) performance should be measured in line with other business...

Confidential matters

01 February 1998

Nursing Management

General article

Major employment and ethical issues arising from the events leading to the trial of Amanda Jenkinson have been published following an independent inquiry chaired by...

Occupational health: dealing with stress

04 October 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical occupational health

Stress is a natural, even healthy part of everyday life. However, excessive stress can cause problems, not only for individuals, but also their employers. If stress...

An assessment of moving and handling practices among Scottish nurses

28 June 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical research health

The aim of this study was to examine current practices within the Lothian Health Board area in relation to reporting of occupationally induced musculoskeletal...

Management of work-related stress in nursing

21 November 2001

Nursing Standard


Evidence suggests that health professionals experience significant levels of occupational stress, which can lead to illness, increased absenteeism, high staff...

Counting the cost of stress in nursing

11 January 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical personnel

A Northumberland social worker may be in line for loss of earnings compensation of £200,000 because of job stress related illness (1). Widely reported in the media,...

Working hard to beat stress

03 November 2009

Nursing Standard


The economic recession has seen workers facing unprecedented levels of stress. Occupational health nurses can offer support and advice.

Ionising radiation: promoting safety for patients, visitors and staff

08 August 2006

Nursing Standard

Learning zone continuing professional development

Diagnostic radiology and sealed and unsealed sources of radiotherapy are valuable in the treatment of cancer. However, unwanted consequences can result from...

Occupational asthma: assessing the risk

18 November 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical occupational health

Asthma caused by factors encountered at work can be overlooked. The author describes some of the risk factors and occupational groups involved and how nurses can...