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Early recognition of encephalitis in acute settings

13 April 2017

Emergency Nurse

Evidence & practice

Encephalitis is a life-threatening condition in which inflammation of the brain tissue occurs. Although it is relatively rare, misdiagnosis or delays in recognition...

Managing patients with encephalitis

11 November 2015

Nursing Standard


This article provides an overview of encephalitis and addresses its diagnosis, some of the common presenting signs and symptoms, and the different aspects of nursing...

Antiepileptic drugs for the primary and secondary prevention of seizures in viral encephalitis

06 December 2017

Nursing Standard

Evidence & practice

Summary statement The mission of the Cochrane Nursing Care Field (CNCF) is to improve health outcomes through increasing the use of the Cochrane Library and...

A mystery no more

05 October 2010

Nursing Standard


New research has solved one of the puzzles surrounding chronic fatigue syndrome, which could help in its future treatment.