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An evaluation of temperature measurement

19 July 2000

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Temperature measurement is an important diagnostic tool and must be carried out correctly for temperature changes to be detected. This article gives the results of...

Clinical guidelines in community hospitals

20 September 2000

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aim The objective of this study was to investigate the attitudes of community hospital staff towards clinical guidelines. Method Twenty four staff members from 11...

Improving tracheostomy care for ward patients

19 January 2005

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

The number of patients with a tracheostomy being cared for in the ward setting has increased recently as intensive care clinicians use this procedure to aid early...

How to perform a urinalysis

09 September 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Rationale and key points This article aims to help nurses to undertake a urinalysis in a safe, timely, effective and patient-centred manner, ensuring privacy and...

How to perform respiratory assessment

14 October 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Rationale and key points This article aims to assist practitioners to perform a respiratory assessment.â–¶ A logical and structured approach to respiratory assessment,...

Identifying priorities for national clinical guidelines

30 June 1999

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

The process by which clinical areas were prioritised for the formulation of national clinical guidelines, using a model devised by the RCN, is outlined in this...

Safe transfusion of blood and blood components

29 August 2007

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Nurses are integral to the blood transfusion process. This article, which forms part of Nursing Standard’s clinical skills series, outlines the role of the nurse in...

How to suction via a tracheostomy

09 March 2016

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Rationale and key points Patients with a tracheostomy tube may be unable to cough adequately to expel pulmonary secretions. Therefore, tracheal suction is essential...

Peripheral intravenous therapy management

01 February 2000

Emergency Nurse


Aims and intended learning outcomes Nursing knowledge and practice in relation to peripheral intravenous therapy are inconsistent and variable, depending on local...

Identifying research priorities for nurse specialists in lung cancer care

01 November 2007

Cancer Nursing Practice


Research into lung cancer undertaken by nurses in clinical practice is limited. This paper reports the findings of a survey of opinion leaders to identify the...