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Post-exposure rabies vaccination

05 February 2003

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Bites from dogs, cats, bats and monkeys are the most common source of rabies infection in humans. Fatal cases of rabies are relatively rare in the UK, because of...

Understanding rabies: avoidance and treatment

01 September 2012

Primary Health Care

A&S Science

A zoonotic disease, rabies is an encephalitis caused by the rabies virus. It is estimated that there are about 55,000 cases of rabies each year worldwide, almost all...

Assessing and managing spider and scorpion envenomation

06 November 2015

Emergency Nurse

Art & Science

Envenomation by spiders or scorpions is a public health problem in many parts of the world and is not isolated to the tropics and subtropics. Spiders and scorpions...

Lyme disease: recognition and management for emergency nurses

09 August 2018

Emergency Nurse


Over the past ten years there has been a significant rise in the number of people who present to emergency departments with Lyme disease. Although some patients...

Assessment and management of snake bites in the emergency department

09 November 2021

Emergency Nurse

bites and stings

Snake bites are a relatively rare presentation to emergency departments in the Western world. In the UK, there were 510 cases of snake bites between 2004 and 2010....