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Shared decision making in psychiatric medicines management

09 May 2014

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

It is increasingly recognised that shared decision making should be routine in all areas of health care. However, although evidence of its effectiveness is emerging,...

Informed, involved and influential: three Is of shared decision making

10 December 2015

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Collaboration between service users and mental health professionals is at the heart of values-based practice and shared decision making. However, there has been...

Child-parent shared decision making about asthma management

09 May 2016

Nursing Children and Young People

Art & Science

Aim To explore and describe child-parent shared decision making for the management of childhood asthma. Methods A qualitative, descriptive, interview-based study was...

Factors that contribute to the diversion of patients from long-term care

01 June 2013

Nursing Older People

Art & Science

This service evaluation aimed to identify the factors at an interim care unit that contributed to the diversion of patients from long-term care to care at home. A...

Giving patients information online

06 September 2011

Primary Health Care


Shared decision making means patients and health professionals working together to reach an informed decision about the most appropriate intervention or test. NHS...

Development and validation of the Children’s Competence in Decision-Making Scale

16 September 2019

Nursing Children and Young People

evidence and practice

Background Measuring competence in children’s ability to make decisions about their care is laden with conceptual problems. Although there are a variety of tools to...

Discussing risk with patients

Nursing Standard

evidence & practice

Nurses support patients to make decisions about risk on a regular basis. They aim to offer patients evidence regarding the choices available. However, it is...

Interprofessional shared governance and relationship-based care: implementation and lessons learned

20 August 2019

Nursing Management


Shared decision-making has become a hot topic in healthcare. This article describes a step-by-step, ‘how-to’ approach to implementation of an interprofessional...

Factors affecting patients’ decision-making about treatment for cancer: a literature review

16 June 2021

Cancer Nursing Practice

patient experience

Decision-making about cancer treatment relies on effective communication between healthcare professionals and patients. It is also a common point of communication...

Working in partnership with patients and carers

07 December 2016

Nursing Standard

Evidence & practice

Health policy and healthcare professional guidelines promote patient and carer involvement, which includes working in partnership with service users in all aspects...