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Establishing and evaluating an assertive outreach team

01 November 2013

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

The evidence base for assertive outreach services in the UK is limited. Five established outcome measures were used in an attempt to capture the clinical...

Teenage and young adult oncology: challenges for the specialty

10 May 2009

Paediatric Nursing


Teenage and young adult oncology is emerging as a specialty in its own right. New ways of working and significant changes in attitudes are required if responsive,...

An evaluation of recovery in a forensic mental health service

26 October 2018

Mental Health Practice


This service evaluation aims to gain service users’ and staff members’ perspectives on one forensic mental health service’s approach to recovery; to provide feedback...

Use of storytelling and audio podcasts in qualitative research

01 August 2019

Nursing Children and Young People

quality improvement

This article discusses the author’s experiences of using an audio podcast to guide and stimulate debate among a small team of service evaluators or co-designers...

How an extended palliative care service has benefited patients

13 September 2012

Cancer Nursing Practice

A&S Science

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (2004) guidance for improving supportive and palliative care for adults with cancer identified a need for...

Increasing communication and self-care skills for front line staff in cancer care

10 September 2015

Cancer Nursing Practice

Art & Science

The aim of this project was to conduct a needs assessment of communicating in difficult situations in level one staff working in cancer care and to implement and...

Assessing satisfaction with a nurse-led clinical trials clinic

08 November 2012

Cancer Nursing Practice

A&S Science

This article reports the results of a patient satisfaction questionnaire used to evaluate a newly established gastrointestinal cancer clinical trials nurse-led...

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy in clinical practice

10 February 2016

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

NHS staff are expected to implement National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommendations in clinical settings, but in practice delivering...

Recording and documenting consent of 8-12 year olds in an outpatient child and adolescent mental health service

11 October 2017

Mental Health Practice

Evidence & practice

There is a lack of research and guidance on decision-making and consent processes for children who are undergoing treatment in child and adolescent mental health...

Partnership working between hospice and children’s community nursing teams

08 November 2016

Nursing Children and Young People

Evidence & practice

This article describes the implementation and evaluation of a new partnership between a children’s hospice service and an NHS children’s community nursing team to...