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Using health psychology to support health education

09 June 2004

Nursing Standard


Health psychology underpins health behaviour and effective health education. This article introduces the reader to concepts of health psychology and assists in...

The role of health psychology post-myocardial infarction

19 June 1996

Nursing Standard


Health psychology is a relatively new discipline within the field of psychology. According to Matarazzo (1982), health psychology is the aggregate of the specific...

Working with anxiety in cancer: psycho-oncological care

01 February 2003

Cancer Nursing Practice


The Cancer Plan has highlighted the importance of psychological support in cancer care and the importance of integrative psychological support services. (DoH 2000)....

Hope is key to recovery

11 January 2011

Nursing Standard


With increasing numbers of people surviving cancer, there is a need to focus on how they can be supported once they have completed treatment