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Psoriasis in general practice

15 April 1998

Nursing Standard


Psoriasis is a skin condition characterised by areas of thickened, scaly skin. It is chronic, non-infectious and inflammatory and recurs throughout life. It can be...

Dry skin conditions: an evidence-based focus on natural oatmeal emollients

01 March 2011

Primary Health Care


Dry and itchy skin conditions are extremely common in all age groups and can affect up to one quarter of the population. They are uncomfortable and distressing and...

Psoriasis care in primary care

01 October 1998

Primary Health Care


Psoriasis is a chronic, familial, non infectious skin disease, affecting up to 3 per cent of the UK population. Primary care nurses can help psoriasis sufferers to...

Dermatology assessment tool

01 September 1998

Paediatric Nursing

Clinical Dermatology nursing

The development of children’s services in dermatology in Oxford-shire from a hospital-based to community-based service led to the need for collaborative teamwork...