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Qualitative Research

01 January 2012

Nurse Researcher

Book Review

DAVID SILVERMAN’S latest book builds on previous editions to provide up-to-date development in qualitative research and offers an overview of theoretical and...

Health promotion interventions in walk-in centres

28 April 2016

Primary Health Care

Art & Science

NHS walk-in centres (WICs) were opened in 2000 to modernise the NHS and increase accessibility to healthcare. They developed rapidly and are used successfully by the...

Brief health promotion in urgent care centres: a qualitative study of patients’ and nurse practitioners’ attitudes

30 October 2019

Primary Health Care

behaviour change

As the number of people with long-term conditions who die prematurely rises, the need for health promotion has come to the fore. However, there is little evidence...

Assessing self-reported risk-behaviours of adults presenting to a minor injuries unit

29 August 2017

Primary Health Care

Evidence & practice

The health quality of people in Portsmouth is below the English average (Public Health England 2015), with a high rate of non-accidental premature deaths and...

Exploring the effectiveness of a brief health promotion intervention in an urgent treatment centre

05 February 2020

Primary Health Care


Background In Portsmouth, the prevalence of long-term conditions and presence of modifiable risk factors are often higher than in England as a whole. It has been...