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Shelagh Dickety Animal rights campaigner 1932-2009

23 February 2010

Nursing Standard


Shelagh Dickety SRN SCM HV, who was an inspiration for many nurses and health workers concerned about animal rights and animal welfare, died on July 14 in Matlock in...

Giving something back

21 March 2006

Nursing Standard


‘Aunty, aren’t you scared of sleeping in a building?’ asked one of the children in Tent City in Islamabad, Pakistan. The earthquake in Kashmir last October left many...

Demise of district nursing

28 September 2016

Nursing Standard


Your article highlighting problems in district nursing is well overdue (September 14).

Should nurses stop administering vitamin injections?

29 January 2020

Primary Health Care


Vitamin B12 deficiency is treated with injections given by district and general practice nurses based on the understanding that people are unable to absorb B12...

Conflict rages over animal experiments

03 June 1992

Nursing Standard


I am unable to continue reading the Viewpoint letters without responding to those who so enthusiastically argue that animal experiments should not be performed in...