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An old kind of caring

01 January 1994

Elderly Care

Nursing in europe

After witnessing many of the miseries of Eastern and Central Europe, it was good to return to the Emerald Isle. In spite of Ireland’s chronic economic difficulties,...

Treating Body and Soul – A Clinicians’ Guide to Supporting the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Needs of Their Patients

09 May 2018

Cancer Nursing Practice

Book review

It took a while to get past the title and into the substance of this book.

Sales pitch for nursing’s softer side

01 May 1995

Nursing Management


In the new world of the healthcare market, nurses have to be as good as anyone else at selling their services (1). Traditionally, we have rarely had to do this, aid...

Unlock the leadership potential

01 May 1996

Nursing Management

General article

In the past decade, a proliferation of media comment (1) has documented an apparent malaise in nursing leadership, A general view is that nursing lacks leaders who...

An eye to the future

19 August 1998

Nursing Standard


TWO YEARS AGO, the RCN began a project to map the future of nursing. The futures project began with the idea that ordinary nurses should share in envisioning the...

Mapping the future

14 April 1997

Nursing Standard


AS WE FACE the third millennium, nursing - like most other areas of life - is proneto stargazing about the future. Like theclosing years of any century, the...

Carry on nursing

16 September 1998

Nursing Standard

News comment

TAKE A thick slice of cynicism, spread with whingeing, sprinkle with doubt and you have the victim sandwich, otherwise known as the classic response by so many...

Dark thoughts

22 November 2000

Nursing Standard


I get lots of love and light. They arrive at the end of email, tagged on to postcards from abroad, slipped into Christmas greetings. I appreciate what friends and...

The privileged Carer

09 May 2001

Nursing Standard


Having discovered the Divine in the depths of his or her own soul, the adept must then find the Divine in all life. This is, in fact, the adept's principal...

Feet of clay

20 June 2001

Nursing Standard


For pray do not..spin your airy fables about noon or sun or the other objects in the sky and in the universe so far removed from us and so varied in their natures,...