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Writing a grant application

01 September 1994

Nurse Researcher

Writing and research

It could be said that writing a grant application is an art form. Having read a great many over the years from a wide range of disciplines and submitted to a large...

Why eating matters

02 September 1998

Nursing Standard

Focus on nutrition

OVER THE years there have been significant publications about poor quality care. The media treats these as highly newsworthy scandals and something previously...

Eating matters - improving dietary care in hospitals

14 January 1998

Nursing Standard


Modern clinical practice means that the provision of food and drink to patients in hospital is a complex process involving a wide range of staff. Whatever part other...

Continuing Care of Older People: A Bibliography of Nursing Research 1980-1998

24 March 1999

Nursing Standard

Perspectives: reviews

This is a bibliography which brings together a range of literature relevant to nursing older people in continuing care. Although the text applies mainly to...

Research journeys

17 January 1996

Nursing Standard


Professor Senga Bond responds with enthusiasm to a new publication exploring issues related to participatory action research.

Studying facts

15 April 1989

Nursing Standard


It was good to hear from R J Purkiss (Letters, Nursing Standard) week ending March 25) that in East Dorset community nurses feel well prepared to deal with HIV...

What are nursing’s priorities?

15 June 1994

Nursing Standard

Feature health technology

Never has there been a greater opportunity for nurses to influence che health service’s research agenda in England. Without concerted action, however, we are likely...

Continuing Care of Older People: A Bibliography of Nursing Research 1980-1998

01 December 1998

Nursing Older People

Book review

This bibliography brings together a range of literature rele vant to nursing older people in continuing care. This applies mainly to institutional care but some work...

Extending the range of primary nursing

04 August 1993

Nursing Standard

Clinical primary nursing

The introduction of primary nursing into the UK in the early Eighties occurred at a time when nursing needed to reassert the value of clinical practice as the...

Outcomes of nursing: a workshop report

05 May 1993

Nursing Standard

Clinical research

The authors report on the conclusions of a multidisciplinary workshop on nursing outcomes research.