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Objectivity in observation

01 December 1994

Nurse Researcher


The use of observation as a method of data collection has been criticised for its potential for distortion (1). There is therefore a need for the researcher to...

ICU training vital

14 August 1996

Nursing Standard


NURSES IN intensive care welcomed the media interest and publicity which surrounded the publication of the Department of Health’s guidelines on intensive and high...

Collaboration or collusion

14 February 1996

Nursing Standard


DURING recent discussions about accountability with a group of qualified nurses, I heard of nurses who routinely administer pre-medications to patients who have not...

Assisted ventilation 1: methods and observation

02 November 1994

Nursing Standard


Continuing Education articles are run in conjunction with the Royal College of Nursing Institute of Advanced Nursing Education to help you earn Continuing Education...

Cardiovascular assessment

03 November 1993

Nursing Standard


Assisted ventilation II: psychological and physical care

16 November 1994

Nursing Standard


Nutritional support for critically ill patients

15 September 1993

Nursing Standard

Clinical intensive care

The incidence of malnourishment in medical and surgical patients is well documented, yet it is obvious that sufficient and appropriate nourishment is as vital to...

Interprofessional education

01 March 2002

Emergency Nurse


Emergency care is in the media spotlight, but is also in the unenviable position of facing an increasing workload (Ball et al 2000) with tighter government targets,...

Nursing dependency scoring: measuring the total workload

05 June 1996

Nursing Standard


During 1994, the Critical Care Forum of the RCN carried out a survey of all critical care units in the UK. with the purpose of identifying what patient scoring...

The diversity and complexity of ENB course curricula

24 November 1999

Nursing Standard

Art& science

IN 1998, the ENB commissioned a documentary analysis and literature review of critical care nurse education (Scholes et al 1999).