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Brave New Brain: Conquering mental illness in the era of the genome

01 November 2004

Mental Health Practice


In this book, primarily aimed at a lay audience, Nancy Andreasen offers a state-of-the-art look at how the tools of genetics and neuroscience may be combined over...


01 May 2001

Mental Health Practice


Dear Editor Recent communications from the Committee on Safety of Medicines on the safety of droperidol and thioridazine highlight the issue of QTc interval...

Successful researchers are tenacious

01 December 2010

Nurse Researcher

Editor’s interview

Professor Richard Gray is one of the leading nurses and researchers in mental health. He is best known for his work in medication management and the difference...

Unfit to practise

21 June 2011

Nursing Standard


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and other physical illnesses are common in patients with severe mental illness such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Many mental...

How drugs work

01 June 2006

Mental Health Practice

Book Review

This book provides an understandable insight into pharmacology and takes the reader on a journey from absorption of drugs through to mechanisms of action.

Can we help people with schizophrenia stop smoking?

01 December 2005

Mental Health Practice

Health promotion

Rates of cardiovascular and respiratory disease are dramatically higher in people with schizophrenia compared to the general population. This may be partially...

Assessing primary nursing in mental health

11 February 1998

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

One of the most important advantages of primary nursing is the consistency and continuity of care which it is said to promote. In the study described here, the...

Assessing cardiovascular risk in patients with severe mental illness

11 July 2012

Nursing Standard


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a term mainly used to describe disorders affecting the heart and/or the arteries and veins that are associated with atherosclerosis...

Marginal issues

01 July 2003

Mental Health Practice


We welcome readers’ letters and entries for the ‘Help wanted’ and ‘People’ sections. But we reserve the right to edit them, and withhold names and addresses or both....

Community mental health nurses, primary care and the National Service Framework for Mental Health

01 November 2000

Nursing Standard


The National Service Framework for Mental Health focuses on the mental health needs of adults up to the age of 65. Susan Plummer and Richard Gray discuss standard...