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Care and management of patients receiving epidural analgesia

17 November 2020

Nursing Standard


Epidural analgesia continues to have an important role in the management of acute pain in post-operative settings. Although its use in clinical practice has...

Conducting holistic pain assessments in patients with cancer-related pain

20 October 2021

Cancer Nursing Practice


The incidence of cancer is increasing and people diagnosed with cancer are living longer, with and beyond cancer, and experiencing acute and long-term effects of...

Reducing the risk of medication errors in cancer settings

01 February 2021

Cancer Nursing Practice

medication errors

There is a high incidence of medication errors across the NHS that results in significant harm to patients. There is also a lack of literature that explores the...

Using targeted education to improve acute hospital nurses’ knowledge and attitudes regarding pain assessment and management

08 June 2020

Cancer Nursing Practice

Pain assessment

The assessment and management of pain in acute hospitals has been shown to be suboptimal in literature dating back to the 1950s. Inadequate pain management is...