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The challenge of pain

01 November 1989

Elderly Care


The idea of a pain threshold which varies from person to person allows us to think that some people fuss about minor pains. As nurses, we need to consider how our...

Braveheart Constitutional change in Scotland

01 May 1999

Emergency Nurse

Feature NHSiS

The NHS is changing radically this year. It will affect the way nurses are paid, and the way they are held accountable. Education and training in the health service...

Alzheimer’s Disease

01 October 1989

Elderly Care

Book Review

How do you feel when your patient puts his trousers on his head and tries to cat the fixtures and fittings?

The living will: Consent to treatment at the end of life

01 September 1989

Elderly Care

Book Review

I carry a kidney donor card. I would also like to carry a card which says that if I fall into a deep irreversible coma, I want only palliative nursing care. There is...

What can the matter be?

01 January 1990

Elderly Care


'Why did you let my aunt fall? She never falls at home.’ 'I had to wait for two hours in that outpatient clinic.’ ‘The food in here is awful, I can’t eat it.’ ‘My...

Dementia training

01 April 2009

Mental Health Practice


Following the recent publication of the National Dementia Strategy, concerns have been expressed about the capacity of the health and social care system to cope with...

A personal guide to living with progressive memory loss

01 July 2008

Mental Health Practice

Book Review

A woman with dementia inspired this book by asking at a support group meeting if there were any books she could read about her condition. She had tried to read other...

People with dementia and their carers are best placed to decide where money needs to be spent. But dementia workers often lack the personal effectiveness needed to get people and systems to listen, argues Professor June Andrews

01 October 2007

Mental Health Practice


It’s been confirmed this year that the NHS spends more money on treating dementia than it does on cancer, heart disease and stroke put together. I’m reassured to...

You’ve got change in your pocket

01 June 1994

Nursing Management

General article

Managing change is fundamental to the management of people. The NHS, along with other established and formerly stable work environments, is now feeling the effect of...

Geronticide: Killing the Elderly

01 July 2001

Nursing Older People

Book Review

This book is vital reading for those who advocate for older people. It has really influenced my thinking about the future of health care and nursing. This is because...