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Attractive hospitals?

22 September 1993

Nursing Standard

Feature magnet hospitals

The focus of this article, the second in a series of three, is on staffing levels and payment systems for nurses in hospitals in the US and Scotland. It draws on the...

Clinical ladders: the next pay step?

12 January 1994

Nursing Standard

Clinical personnel

Just as nurses are coming to terms with developments in the areas of performance related pay and job evaluation, another new pay-linked ‘flavour of the month’ is...

Paying the price of job satisfaction

29 September 1993

Nursing Standard


What are the factors that affect the job satisfaction of nurses in the National Health Service, and what is the impact of pay rates? Getting the answers wrong could...

Paying health care assistants in the NHS

16 September 1992

Nursing Standard

Clinical personnel

The development of the new role of health care assistant (HCA) arose initially out of the need to plug the ‘gap’ left when student nurses became supernumerary under...

Balancing costs and staff commitment

01 September 1993

Nursing Standard

Clinical personnel

The use of short-term contracts, and rapid hiring and firing practices, are characteristics of the employment market during the current recession. When it comes to...