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Water world

30 September 1998

Nursing Standard


TWO THIRDS of Bangladesh is underwater following the country’s worst ever floods. The capital, Dhaka, is particularly badly affected as it lies at the confluence of...

April reunion

25 March 1989

Nursing Standard


A reunion of nurses who started their training at the United Sheffield Hospital in January of 1972, or who later joined that group, is being planned for April 15...

Role of the nurse in addressing vaccine hesitancy and misinformation on social media

04 October 2021

Nursing Standard

evidence and practice

Vaccine hesitancy, defined as the refusal or delay of acceptance of vaccines, is a threat to the elimination and/or eradication of vaccine-preventable diseases, and...

Open learning for enrolled nurses

03 March 1993

Nursing Standard

Clinical education

Within the new market economy of the NHS, it is necessary to provide reliable information on the viability of educational initiatives which are planned, implemented...