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Nursing research comes of age

01 April 2009

Nurse Researcher


In December, the results of the 2008 research assessment exercise (RAE) were announced, and they marked a tremendous advance for nursing research since the previous...

Dysssy on the equator

30 January 1991

Nursing Standard

Supplement quality assurance

Last year I arrived in Lilongwe, capital city of Malawi, after a tortuous ten-hour flight from London. I had been invited to this southern African country by the...

Research and destroy?

08 December 1993

Nursing Standard

Viewpoint research

I recently undertook a research study on the changing aspects of psychiatric nursing practice. The aim was to introduce a model of nursing and evaluate its effect on...

Back to the nest

29 March 1995

Nursing Standard

Viewpoint mental health

Rereading Ken Kesey’s classic One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest recently I was reminded of the following quote from Edmund Burke: ‘Those who have been once intoxicated...

How to survive a PhD

01 March 1995

Nurse Researcher

Issues in research

Newly qualified Project 2000 nurses obtain a higher education diploma (1), which might be considered the first rung of the academic ladder. Nurse educators and many...

Quality across frontiers

24 May 1995

Nursing Standard

Supplement euroquan

Due to the various social, epidemiological, economic and political changes occurring in Western Europe, those responsible for the provision of health care are being...

Care plan sham

06 July 1994

Nursing Standard

Viewpoint care planning

More than 25 years ago the literature from North America emphasised the importance of the nursing care plan as a method of ensuring individualised care. This was a...

A computer assisted learning package

08 December 1993

Nursing Standard

Clinical learning disabilities

Computers are currently playing a major role in the education of nurses. In terms of the education of patients and clients, however, technological software is in its...

Generic nurses: the nemesis of psychiatric/mental health nursing?

01 June 2000

Mental Health Practice

Generic nursing

After over 100 years of practice, psychiatric/mental health (P/MH) nurses in the UK find themselves in a position of uncertainty. According to Duffy and Lee (1998),...

Generic nurses: the nemesis of psychiatric/mental health nursing? Part two

01 July 2000

Mental Health Practice

Generic nursing

The human component of psychiatric/mental health nursing Hill and Michael (1996) used a phenomen - ological approach to uncover the existence of psychiatric/mental...