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Is there a place for epidemiology in nursing?

05 July 2000

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Background Epidemiological research is seen by many to have Immense value in helping to determine the health of populations and In helping to plan and determine...

Applying collaborative practice to health promotion

31 January 2001

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Background Since the publication of the Health of the Nation document in 1992, collaborative practice has been at the forefront of health service reform. While other...

Exploring health promotion and health education in nursing

30 October 2018

Nursing Standard

Health promotion

The term health promotion has been used in healthcare for several years. However, the meaning of this term is debated, particularly in nursing. Some nurses might...

Should it really matter if you don't like our style?

18 August 1999

Nursing Standard


In trying to contribute to the [Illegible word] going discussion "surrounding the use of the'first-person' perspective inacademic nursing assignments, I feel that...