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Learn about this neurological emergency before it’s too late

15 March 2017

Nursing Standard


I have spent the past five years of my nursing career caring for and supporting people affected by encephalitis. I have also researched the condition and the nursing...

Lumbar puncture: diagnosing acute central nervous system infections

24 October 2012

Nursing Standard


Lumbar puncture has an important role in the diagnosis of acute central nervous system infections. The clinical contraindications to lumbar puncture must be...

Management of acute confusion in patients with CNS infections

11 December 2013

Nursing Standard


This article discusses the management of acute confusion and aggression in patients with infections of the central nervous system (CNS). The issues discussed are...

Managing patients with encephalitis

11 November 2015

Nursing Standard


This article provides an overview of encephalitis and addresses its diagnosis, some of the common presenting signs and symptoms, and the different aspects of nursing...